Overlay for MasterSnakou AKA Snakou
Published on 3 Janvier 2020 by Ngr Loïc

I have created and set up with the team and staff working with MasterSnakou her new overlay for the year 2020 (even if it is in preparation since 2019).

On my side I worked in collaboration with B4K (designer) to implement the different assets in scripts with JavaScript.

This allows me to display an animated and very dynamic overlay, with for example a display of a subscriber counter with a simple available command in the Twitch chat for all viewers or to be able to play with videos during an event such as a new donation and to be able to activate an animation in a video.

Here are a few examples:

Reaction to a “!sub” in Twitch chat :

Réaction lors d'un "!sub" dans le chat Twitch

Or :

Réaction lors d'un "!sub" dans le chat Twitch

Activation of the animation when making a new donation or otherwise …

Réaction lors d'un "!sub" dans le chat Twitch

Alerts when renewing a subscription :