Overlay for Paranoi4k
Published on 9 September 2019 by Ngr Loïc

Sometimes I make overlays for streamers on Twitch. I work for MasterSnakou and Paranoi4k and many others streamers… .

In this article I will tell you about the overlay project for Paranoi4k.

The goal of this overlay is to be able to display all the information in one place, in order to group everything together. Based on a CyberPunk video: https://youtu.be/vjF9GgrY9c0?t=556 (look at the top right), this was one of Paranoi4k’s requirements.

So I based myself on this video with the CyberPunk style, adding a few colors and animations here is what it looks like.

enter image description here

The overlay displays the new subscribers, but also the latest donations, the largest donation of the month, but also at the top of the overlay, the total donations, the total number of subscribers and the various Paranoi4k networks.