StrawPoll Overlay for Twitch users
Published on 9 September 2019 by Ngr Loïc

On Twitch it’s easy to find tools to launch StrawPoll, the problem being that it is often not configurable as we would like, with the styles we would like.

That’s why I released on Github the StrawPoll project for Twitch, it can be embedded on your Stream like an overlay, the project is open-source, so easily modifiable (you need a programming base to make really push changes).

enter image description here

The StrawPoll overlay has been designed to be integrated into software (obs/streamlabs obs/ etc…) to send a live stream to the Twitch platform. If you do not use Twitch to stream, the overlay will not work.

I am still working on the project, you too can help the project to move forward by adding your personal touches. The Project can be found here: